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"Dedicated to Education and the Preservation of the Environment"

The Deep River Land Trust is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of open space in the Town of Deep River, Connecticut. Formed in 1976, the Land Trust protects nearly 100 acres of land in Deep River, including freshwater tidal wetlands, upland forest preserves and natural waterways. Each year, we also award a scholarship to a student who is pursuing a career in an environmentally related field of study.

Black and white mapThe Trust has sponsored numerous lectures, field trips and other educational events. Through this effort, we wish not only to emphasize the beauty of natural places, but also to educate the public regarding their importance to wildlife, and a source for human recreation. Our nature preserves include sites at Pratt Cove, Rattling Valley Road, Witch Hazel Drive in Winthrop, Whittlesy Brook, and Meadow Woods Road in Deep River.

The Deep River Land Trust is a member-supported, non-profit organization. We hope people find this web site both a source of education and enjoyment.

Downtown Deep River on the Connecticut River; Pratt Cove in middle is a rare freshwater tidal marsh, recognized for it's exceptional environmental importance by state, federal, and international organization's.  Many organizations share in ownership and preservation efforts here, including the Town of Deep River, State of Connecticut, Deep River Land Trust, Nature Conservancy, Deep River Historical Society, and several private individuals. This area is a wonderful example of private, public, and non-profit groups cooperating in efforts to preserve important habitats. 

Come and canoe and kayak this cove; you'll be joined by Red Tail Hawks, Osprey, Great Blue Herons, White Egrets, Canada Geese, Trumpeter Swans, and even Great Bald Eagles, among the many birds who live or visit here.

MapThe Deep River Land trust in conjunction with the Town of Deep River, The Nature Conservancy, and with funding help from the Rockfall Foundation, are developing Public Access Areas to enhance enjoyment of this cove. The Land Trust expects to have an observation platform ( see location plan) constructed in year 2000, on their Smythe Preserve site. This will offer a remarkable view of this cove and it's wildlife. With funding from The Rockfall Foundation, and a grant from the Connecticut River Estuary Council, informational signage will be included at this site, as well as at the parking area and canoe launching ramp, developed with the help of the Town of Deep River. A trail continues South from this parking area, including through land purchased by the Nature Conservancy. It is hoped that in the future these areas will be joined with land purchases and right of ways to link to existing very large natural preserve areas. such as Canfield Woods, and Meadow Woods in Essex, CT.

The Town of Deep River's Open Space Committee, started by the Planning and Zoning Commission, and joined by a wide diversity of town organizations, is developing an Open Space Plan for the Town.  Specific projects are being developed which include trails and public access projects, and assessing and making plans for protection of the important Natural Resource Areas in the town.

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