Park Usage Fees

Park Use Fees:

Parking Passes are required to be displayed on any vehicle that enters a town park. If you are planning an event and would like to reserve a portion of a park or for field use, a park use application with the appropriate fees and paperwork must be filed.

Parking Passes

Parking Passes are required for all persons who would like to utilize any of our town parks.

Residents may enter the park free of charge but their vehicle must display a Park permit sticker in the lower left corner of the windshield. Stickers are only available from the Town Clerk's Office when a valid car registration is presented for each parking pass requested.  Each pass will be inscribed with the vehicle's license plate number. Parking passes are non-transferable. Each car must have its own sticker or pass to enter the park unless accompanied by a Deep River resident. Deep River residents may bring up to three guest vehicles into the park if they accompany them at the gate.

Starting July 1, 2018, we are no longer offering the option to purchase a day pass. Only season passes are available. Season passes are only available to be purchased at the Town Clerk's Office located at Town Hall during regular business hours. The passes will be available for non-residents at the following rates:

Plattwood Park

*Season Pass: $200.00 per vehicle

*Vehicles are limited to up to 4 people; Every person over 4: is an additional $5.00 each

Town Dock/Landing

Season Pass: $300.00 per vehicle (with or without a trailer)

Boat Launch Fee*: $30.00 per vehicle (no trailer)

* Parking is not guaranteed

**Vehicles camping at Selden’s island must obtain a

2 day pass for a one night stay or a

3 day pass for a two night stay.

Park Use Applications:

In order to reserve a portion of one of the Town's lovely parks or Athletic Fields, a park use application must be completed and submitted, along with all fees and required paperwork, at least three weeks prior to the use/event.

All Deep River Residents as well as out of town residents must file applications for park use.

Applications may be submitted up to 6 months in advance. Applications submitted earlier will not be considered prior to this time frame. The only exception to this, are applications involving weddings.

Applications are considered on a first come-first served basis. Only applications that are complete (all paperwork attached) will be considered.

General Park use fees for 2018:

Deep River Residents: free, unless use involves a gathering or more then 50 people.

Out of Town Residents:

  • Devitt Field: $100.00, additional fees for use of the shack
  • Plattwood Park: $125.00
  • Town Landing: $175.00

Fees for large gatherings or for team use are clearly stated on the application. Please see the park use form for all requirements.

Please note that park use applications, excluding the landing, once approved, typically allow for up to 10 out of town vehicles to park free within the park. Additional vehicles, if allowed will be charged a fee. For town landing applications, due to parking constraints, parking is only approved for 2 vehicles.

All completed applications are reviewed by the Commission on a case-by-case basis. All supporting documentation must be received before the application is considered complete.

The Deep River Parks and Recreation Commission meets on the second Wednesday of the month with the exception of the month of July.

Click here for a copy of the Park Use Form