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The Planning and Zoning Commission has two distinctly different but closely related responsibilities: maintaining our Plan of Development and monitoring zoning regulations. Every ten years, preliminary to updating the Plan, we ask residents to respond to a questionnaire. With those results and our experience as a guide we work with planners from CRERPA (Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency) to revise this document, which sets forth our goals for orderly growth, an appropriate ratio of residential, commercial and industrial zones and proper use of our open space and riverfront. In between Plan revisions we see to the nuts and bolts of our work, which consists of approving applications for subdivisions and commercial development, as well as fine tuning our regulations to see that their focus ensures adherence to the Plan.

Of major concern is the health of our commercial district. It is the rural charm and small town atmosphere that has drawn many of us to live in Deep River, but it is our Main Street that really sets us apart. We are fortunate to have such a complete and eclectic mix of retail stores, and we guard our shopping district jealously. We welcome you to attend our monthly meetings and to participate in public hearings. Monthly meetings are the third Thursday of every month (the second Thursday in December) at 7:30 at the Town Hall. Check with the Town Clerk for schedule changes.

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John Guszkowski Co Zoning Enforcement Officer